Appointment cancellation and refunds are usually connected especially when deposits are involved.

When cancelling an appointment, be mindful that the other party made time aside to be with you and they were counting on the appointment to happen.

With that in mind, it is important to be fair and considerate around this issue.

To cancel an appointment, open the appointment page and click on Cancel at the bottom center of the page. Then confirm cancellation on the pop up confirmation screen.

The terms of cancellation and refunds are determined by the business who is independent and not acting for or on behalf of Smartbook.

Four (4) policies are available on Smartbook.

Early cancellation (closer to the time of booking)

No refund cancellation policy: the deposit is not refundable after payment. The client can only cancel the appointment within 24 hours after booking occurred.

Strict cancellation policy: Full refund if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours after the booking.
–¬†The client can only cancel the appointment within 24 hours after booking occurred.
РClient can only receive a full refund if they cancel the appointment  within 24 hours of the booking.
Example: Client books stylist today at 10:00AM. The client will only be able to cancel and be refunded until the next day at 9:59AM. Past that time no refunds will be issued and client cannot cancel.

Cancelling closer to appointment time

Moderate cancellation policy: Client can only cancel and be refunded 24 hours before the scheduled date and time of the appointment.

Flexible cancellation policy: Client is eligible to cancel and get full refund anytime prior to appointment date and time. Past the appointment time, no refund will be issued.


Warning: Automated refunds only work for businesses using Stripe with Smartbook. If you’re using Paypal, Square or a personal Stripe account, to collect payments you are responsible for refunding clients directly when cancellations occur.