Our goal is to provide our users with the most convenient options and opportunities possible. It is of utmost importance that the Smartbook appointment experience is enjoyable, safe, and satisfying.

Both clients and hairstylists can rate their experience from an appointment booked on Smartbook.net starting from moments after the beginning time of the appointment.

Smartbook uses and publicly displays three main types of feedback on user profiles: Point-based Star Rating, Reviews, No-Show. In this article, we will cover Rating and Review.

Rating a stylist

Clients can rate hairstylists on Smartbook using a 5-star rating system closely tied to 5 important factors in the Smartbook experience. Each star is activated when the client gives a positive thumbs-up per criterion.

Stylists are rated by

  • Punctuality (being on time)
  • Skill or Talent
  • Communication
  • Service
  • Overall Experience

To give a rating on Smartbook, you must provide a point or star for each category. Clicking on the labels toggles a thumbs-up (for positive) or thumbs-down (for negative) and the total of the thumbs-up is the final rating on a scale of one to five stars.

Leaving a Review on a stylist’ page

Below the star rating, clients are welcome to write a specific 600-words review. The review will be published on the stylist’s page on Smartbook.

Rating clients

As a stylist on Smartbook, you can rate a client using a 5 point system in which each point represents a star. Those points are

  • Punctuality
  • Timely payment
  • Communication
  • Attitude (Friendliness)
  • Overall Experience

When you click on each item you toggle a positive or negative mark. The sum of positive marks (thumbs up) constitutes the rating on the five stars scale.

Leaving reviews about clients

Below the list of feedback points, you may write a review about the client. The review will be published on the client’s page.