Our simple pricing puts your business first.

Start smart.

Great if this is a side hustle and

 you get booked every now and then

Flex plan

No commitments

Transaction fee per appointment payment:
$4.99 or 6%, whichever is greater


  • Get an online booking link for social media
  • No monthly charge or commitment.
  • Add unlimited services, products and name your own prices
  • Pick your own deposit fee amount ($10 minimum)
  • Accept deposit payments with Stripe
  • Free scheduling
  • Free SMS reminders and notifications by text-messages (for you and your clients)

Save even more with our subscription plan.

Great if you consistently get more than

5 appointments per week

Pro Subscription

$19 / month | $190 / year

Lower transaction fee per appointment payment:
$1.99 or 4%, whichever is greater


  • Everything included in the FREE plan
  • Pick between Stripe, Paypal or Square payments to collect your payments directly.
  • Reduced commission of $1.99 or 4% for all appointments
  • Get priority support by a team member
  • Get a PRO badge visibly mentioned on their page and in the results.
  • Publish your contact info for direct calls from prospective clients

Need more clarity?

Using Smartbook by Smartbook is a smart decision; pun intended.

No tech buzz-words. Just common sense savings.

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Is Smartbook really FREE?

We have a commitment-free plan that costs ZERO dollars per month. When you’re not booked, we do not charge you.

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So why is there a subscription option?

Our subscription plan is for those of us who like predictability of costs and want to save money that way.

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How long does it takes to receive money?

It depends on your refund and no-show policy. Smartbook lets you refund your clients directly or automatically.

Can I talk to someone directly?

Yes. Our customer success team is ready to answer all of your questions.

Click here to contact us.

Is Smartbook a hair salon?

Smartbook is not a hair salon. Smartbook is an app to help beauty professionals with scheduling and selling services and products.