A new Smartbook is on the way.


 Sell physical products, earn more money and save time.

In a nutshell, what’s to expect this summer from Smartbook.

Make more money.

  • Accept money with Paypal, Stripe or Square.
  • Sell your products online
  • Enjoy reduced fees.
Sell products

Save time.

  • Add time off and extra time
  • Easier business settings
  • Improved calendar & appointment system
Booking screenshot

Easily manage your business

  • Insightful reports to see how your business is doing.
  • Better experience for your clients.
  • Better clientele management.

Bookings and sales so easy, your clients will thank you.

create coupons

Create coupon sales

You can soon create coupon codes and run sales promotions.

Get a Link in bio

One link to give your audience. Add your top links in one place.

day off time off

Extra time & Time Off

Add time or take time off from your regular schedule on the fly.

Taking your brand to a whole new level.

Better business settings

  • Better business Terms & Policy editor
  • Better Calendar
  • Add extra time
  • Add time-off & day-off
  • Get reports

Sell your Products & Services

  • Service variations & options
  • Create coupons & sales
  • Services Add-ons
  • Sell Products online
  • Accept money with Paypal, Stripe or Square
  • Reduced transaction fees

Improved client experience

  • Get link in bio website
  • Smoother booking experience
  • Better clients list management
  • More control of your brand online

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Stay tuned for more features, including

Coupons • Bio Links • Custom colors • Classes • Events

and much more.