Find a hair pro for every life occasion.

Got a party, a date, or job interview?

Ebena can help find a talented hair specialist.

Depending on your location, we’ll try to connect you with a qualified stylist, braider or beautician.

Choose one of our top stylists.

Our stylists have exceptional talent. We only recommend the best-qualified professionals available.

You can choose confidently.

You’re set!

Book your favorite professional by paying a small deposit fee.

It’s that simple!

Meet your stylist.

At the shop or at your place.


Is this service available everywhere?

Currently our on-demand service covers specific cities and suburbs in the United States of America. We are always working to widen the range of communities we can serve.

Can you send a stylist to my house?

Some of our stylists do travel to their clients. Terms and conditions apply depending on the stylist and the location.

Do you vet your stylists

Yes. We have a Preferred stylist program in which participating stylists are asked to provide documentation and we verify their skill set as well as their ethics.

Is Ebena a hair salon?

Ebena is a community of hair lovers. We strive to help independent hair professionals and enthusiasts with technology tools. Ebena is not a hair salon.

How much does this cost?

Your deposit and service cost is determined by your independent hair professional.