If you are a stylist on Smartbook with a Pro subscription plan, you can add your appointments to your Smartbook book.

Go to Menu > My Book

On the bottom of the screen click on “Add appointment” and fill in the form for your appointment detail.

Add your client’s information. If they have an Smartbook account, they can easily receive SMS notifications. You will be prompted with a screen that will make it easy for your client to receive text message notifications.

The client still receive an SMS notification with a link to the appointment page. They will also receive reminders by SMS.

Once the appointment is created, you can go to the appointment page to

  • Share the appointment link with your client
  • Chat with your client
  • Edit or cancel the appointment

Client Confirmations:

  • If you do not require deposits, your clients may need to confirm the appointment on the appointment page.
  • If you require deposits or payments: the payment from your client is considered a confirmation on their part.
  • You will receive confirmation notice by SMS